Nike & Corteiz Tease Their First Official Collaboration

Nike & Corteiz Tease Their First Official Collaboration

January 18, 2023
Dom Challis

Founded only in 2017, London streetwear brand, Corteiz, is officially launching its first major brand collaboration with Nike, following a certain logo emblem projected onto the streets of London.

On Monday 16 January, Corteiz took over the front of Nike Town in Oxford Street and projected the Corteiz logo onto the famous store for everyone passing by to see.

This type of marketing tactic falls directly in line with Corteiz owner, Clint’s unique approach to marketing. For example, Corteiz gained a lot of attention following its Bolo Exchange – an event which saw Corteiz fans flock the streets of London as they raced to be among the first 50 people to get to the secret location and receive a highly sought-after Corteiz Bolo jacket.

Another example of Corteiz keeping their fans engaged is when they created scenes of madness with their October 2022 99p cargo trousers sale in London, or when they treated their international fans with a free T-shirt giveaway in Nigeria.  

After much speculation and discussions online, Nike officially confirmed that the marketing move is an official upcoming collaboration between the two labels. 

While there are curranty no further details of their upcoming collaboration with Nike, Corteiz will most likely use some of their usual styles such as graphic T-shirts, outerwear, tracksuits, and accessories.

This is Corteiz’s biggest commercial move since the label’s establishment in 2017 and you can expect more information in the coming months.

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