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Elegia closed-back headphones

Sold By: Selfridges
Price: £599.00



As one of the only tech companies investing in acoustic research, Focal’s goal is to relay the artist’s original sounds as authentically as possible, and that’s why the brand’s latest Elegia headphones are no exception. High definition and offering excellent sound isolation, this set is the perfect choice when getting lost in endless listening sessions. While the headset itself is light to carry around, the padded headband and soft over ear pads ensure you’re as comfortable from the moment you put them on to the moment you take them off.Perfect SoundproofingLoading a speaker driver into a “small room” makes it extremely sensitive to its environment. FOCAL’s engineers’ 40 years of expertise and know how led to specific work being undertaken on the vents, so as not to limit the frequency response in the low range and thus properly manage the airflow.Comfort and EleganceWith its well mastered geometry, Elegia’s headband moulds perfectly to the head, providing optimal grip for on the go use. The 20mm memory foam microfibre earpads as well as the yoke, which also moulds perfectly to the wearer’s face shape, are both key contributors to the headphones’ supreme comfort.

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