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Final Audio Design

B1 IEM in-ear Headphones

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Do you ever have those days where you just want to plug in and get lost in the music, an audiobook or even your latest binge worthy series obsession? Yep us too, that’s why we make sure Final Audio Design’s B1 earphones are always on hand. Emphasising vocals and realism, each sound can be heard in the highest resolution, making you feel like your actually there. Plus, with the wrap around in ear model staying securely in place, nothing will interrupt your HD experience.Live Sound PerformanceB1 is a model designed with particular emphasis on the proximity of sound and sense of reality. In music represented by animation soundtracks, recordings make the proximity of sound more conspicuous. For this type of music recording, the B1 has been designed to achieve playback more consistent with the balance of sound as created by the engineer.Hybrid DriversFitted with a single balanced armature driver that manages treble ranges while a 6.4mm single custom dynamic driver drives the bass response. As there is no driver network the frequency ranges are pure and unadulterated. B1 achieves a natural and balanced sound with sparkling trebles and a powerful bass extension.Stainless Steel HousingCrafted from stainless steel with a metal injection moulding process the B1 offers a high degree of freedom in moulding the resin into the same shape as the cast. This makes it possible to achieve a complex internal design even with metal. The front rear two piece separable construction makes the B1 easy to repair for a lifetime of use.Detachable MMCX CableHigh purity OFC silver coated cables used for the B1 provide a wide sound stage, while theMMCX connectors developed by Final in house make for easy replacement or upgrade. When using in conjunction with the ear hooks the cable moves flexibly for a comfortable and secure fit.

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