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Some of the earliest recognized examples of shorts in history come from around 1880, where military uniforms belonging to the Nepalese army, consisted of durable, oversized shorts detailer with large pockets, and a distinctive cummerbund waistband. Over decades to come the garment would be adopted by other military forces to become a part of regular uniform, often worn in hotter seasons or climates. Today, the short is a hugely popular piece of mens clothing, often thought of as a summer, holiday staple. Here at The Hoxton Trend, we have a huge variety of mens shorts for you to shop. With selections available from our trusted retailers, which offer you top quality customer service and authentic garments every time you shop, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your personal preference and budget. Below, you can find products from a variety of retailers including END Clothing, Browns Fashion and The Hip Store. Our retailers stock top luxury labels including Armani, Balenciaga, Balmain, Craig Green and Dries Van Noten, down to high street labels including Nike, adidas, Ellesse and Patagonia, at both full price and discounted price, so take a look around to see what bargains you can find to update your wardrobe.

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