Our Story

What started out as one man’s hobby has grown into a buzzing online community dedicated to men’s premium clothing.

It all began when Hoxton, our main content creator, was working at Selfridges. Working with clothes by Paul Smith, Maharishi and Evisu, he developed a passion for premium clothing, including materials and construction.

Already trading in low-priced wholesale clothing items as a hobby, Hoxton decided to take his passion a step further and began trading in premium pre-owned clothing. Pretty soon, he came across unscrupulous eBay sellers who were trying to cash in by selling counterfeit items. And he hated seeing honest clothes buyers getting fooled by fakes.

When eBay failed to act on his warnings, Hoxton took to YouTube to explain exactly how to tell the fakes from the real deal, as well as showing his trading items and personal collection. From a beginning with a few hundred followers, his fanbase quickly grew to tens of thousands, all engaging in conversations about men’s clothing and fashion. Many of Hoxton’s videos were created to answer questions and requests, setting a pattern of user-led content that continues to this day.

Hoxton named his channel after the fashion-conscious area that’s home to many low-priced clothing wholesalers, and The Hoxton Trend was born.

Two years on, The Hoxton Trend has grown into an authority on men’s clothing and fashion, with a mission to help their followers explore the scene. Hoxton has been joined by school friends Andrew, who looks after business development and the digital side, and Ricky, who handles brands and partnerships, as well as a young creative team to develop content and services.

With the launch of Thehoxtontrend.com, we’re opening up new ways to inform and support our followers. We cast our eye over new brands, pieces and collections as they’re released, and we travel the globe in search of cool brands, stores and outlets. We still use our clothing knowledge and experience to help followers steer clear of fakes, and we’re happy to answer questions and offer advice.

We now partner with more and more brands and retailers to create informative, engaging and entertaining content. But most importantly, we still hold on to the love and support we receive from all our fans and followers, making sure we keep them at the forefront of our clothing and fashion journey.

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