KITH Collaborates With Disney In Celebration Of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday

By Rachel Tooley | November 14, 2019

KITH Collaborates With Disney In Celebration Of Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday.

The first ever collaboration between KITH and Disney is here, celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday. A collection of around 80 different styles, this collab’ blends classic KITH silhouettes with the timeless cartoon icon. The brand has chosen eight of it’s favourite Mickey Mouse versions, choosing from a lifespan dating back to the 1920’s, to use as inspiration for the collection, which merges the classic Mickey profile with KITH’s signature image.

The evolution of Mickey himself follows through within the designs, as earlier versions cover a variety of denim pieces, kimonos, rugby shirts and varsity jackets. 1940’s ‘Fantasia Mickey’ decorates various knitted garments including sweaters and cardigans, whilst flannel tops are used to represent Mickey from the 50’s. Later variations of the cartoon are used to decorate a wider range of outerwear and heavier garments which include sherpa fleece’s and puffer jackets – this collection really does have it all.


Alongside the line of apparel, the brand has teamed up with Converse to create three Mickey Mouse inspired iterations of the Chuck Taylor 70 model. The first of the three is made of a black leather upper, creating more structure and durability than the classic canvas material. A timeline of Mickey over the years sits across the top of the white rubber midsole, whilst the deubré have a feature shoelace tag at the top in standout red and white hues. The second Converse design comes in an off white colour with four Mickey heads which sit along the line of the deubré. Contrasting black laces and classic black and white piping create a clean form to the casual shoe which could compliment any outfit. The final iteration is completely made of a Sherpa teddy fabric, made of a black upper and contrasting vibrant red tongue, which is inspired by Mickey’s fur and the iconic red suspenders he wears.

The KITH x Disney collection is set to release on the 18th November and will be available at all KITH stores and online.