Valentino Fashion for Men, Hoodies, Trainers, T Shirts, Shorts


Under the creative direction of founder Valentino Garavani for over 40 years, the namesake brand is now headed by designer Pier Paolo Piccioli. The fashion house launched its menswear brand in 1969 and Valentino himself said for the men’s collections he relied entirely on his own taste and elegance. The luxury brand has continued to evolve, and Pier Paolo Piccioli reinvents Valentino with a modern take on the label’s classic heritage styles and so every piece is relevant and stylish to the 21st century. Valentino is full of bold prints and loud colours so you can expect a lot of camouflage print on shirts, hoodies and even bags. Everything has a sense of Italian elegance and you are sure to stand out when wearing Valentino especially if you are sporting the recognisable logo which you can find on anything from T-shirts to shorts. Valentino for men is about confidence and youth culture, so be on the lookout for streetwear influences, especially when it comes to the chunky Rockrunner trainers. Studs have become a signature detailing so you will find them on shoes, belts and bags and anything studded goes hand in hand with a branded leather jacket. Browse below to see our extensive Valentino archives.

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