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Tommy Jeans

Tommy Jeans was born after the rebrand of the classic Hilfiger Denim label, operating under the well known mens designer label, Tommy Hilfiger. The Tommy Hilfiger brand was first founded in the early 80’s, which is now renowned for its red, white and blue logo, and has been sported by stars including Snoop Dogg, Michael Jackson, Gigi Hadid, Wu Tang Clan and the Kardashian-Jenner clan. The Tommy Jeans label claims it is a commitment to Gen Z and the younger generation, as it incorporates a youthful attitude to the classic Hilfiger brand. Tommy Jeans collections take inspiration from Tommy Hilfiger’s very own heritage, alongside the nostalgic flag logo design. The Tommy Jeans label focuses on the production of the classic bell bottom jean, alongside a variety of other fits and styles. Shopping with Tommy Jeans means you can explore deeper into your personal style, with a retro 90’ edge to keep your image looking fresh and individual. Our retailers offer a huge range of Tommy Jeans mens t-shirts and polo shirts, mens sweatshirts, Tommy Jeans hoodie, mens jeans and accessories. Don’t forget to take a look at the classic Tommy Jeans pieces, such as the Tommy Jeasn Collegiate sweatshirt, the Tommy Jeans signature sweatshirt and the Tommy Jeans Crest hoodie.

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