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The North Face

In 1966, The North Face opened as an outdoor gear/climbing equipment retail store, based in San Francisco. The store was founded by Douglas and Susie Tompkins and was bought two years later by Kenneth Klopp. Just years after the brand was founded, it built a great following of loyal customers, and by the 80’s The North Face began to expand their ranges into the realms of skiwear. By the end of that decade, the brand became one of the biggest retailers of outdoor technical wear in the USA, offering a wide range of equipment and attire including outerwear, skiwear, sleeping bags, tents and accessories. The 90’s saw TNF push the boundaries of outerwear further than ever before, again expanding their range to trekking and trail running attire and footwear, alongside the launch of the Tekware collection. Now, The North face isn’t just popular in terms of techwear and specialised gear, but their iconic panelled fleeces and puffer jackets have made their way to the limelight in recent years, often seen worn on the high street in day to day outfits. Below you can browse the latest collection from The North Face, including their classic The North Face puffer jacket, The North Face zip hoodie, The North Face sweater and The North Face Mittellegi hoodie.

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