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Shawn Stussy was born in 1954 in California, US. The early 80’s saw Shawn Stussy himself making hand made surfboards with the use of unusual, innovative shapes and eccentric graphic decorations Stussy took his inspiration for the graphic designs from a range of cultural movements including reggae, new wave and post punk.  As demand built for his boards, he soon marked his work with a classic hand drawn logo which paid homage to the traditional graffiti style writing and his own uncle’s signature. At this time, the Stussy brand which we all know and love was born. As the brand soon developed, Stussy began to create attire which surfers could wear both day and night. Now, Stussy is a hugely popular label, with its availability growing rapidly both online and on the high street. This timeless brand is stocked by many of our trusted retailers including The Hip Store, END Clothing and FarFetch. Stussy offer a range of mens clothing, with a variety of bold colour palettes, graphic prints, styles and fits, there is certainly something for everyone with this label. Browse the latest Stussy range below which features a range of seasonal mens clothing including the classic Stussy hoodie, mens t-shirts, mens sweatshirts, mens shorts, trousers and smart pants.

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