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New Balance

Founded by William J Riley in 1906, New Balance, originally named the New Balance Arch Support Company, focused on producing specialist arch supports for shoes and orthopaedic footwear to offer wearers extra comfort and ‘new balance’. The company sold many of their products to workers who may be on their feet for a long period of time (eg. Retail workers, police officers etc). In 1938, the brand created their first ever running shoe for the Boston Brown Bag Harriers, a local running club. The shoes featured a unique crepe sole and were made from kangaroo leather. The company began to expand its range to other sports such as baseball, tennis and boxing in 1941, however were still producing only small amounts of products due to their limited work force. In 1956, the brand was sold to the Kidd’s, who progressed the company to focus on developing footwear more tailored to the performance requirements of athletes. New Balance launched the ‘Trackster’ shoe in 1960, the first running shoe created with a variety of different width fittings – it quickly gained attention within the industry creating an increase in demand. Jim Davis bought the brand in 1972, which soon began to grow its product ranges, developing its footwear and further into apparel. The 320 shoe launched in 1972, sporting the famous ‘N’ logo, and in 1978, New Balance launched their first range of clothing. Scroll down to take a look at the most recent collections from New Balance, including mens trainers, mens hoodies, mens tracksuits and more.

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