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Formally known as Levi Strauss & Co, Levis have been the innovators of blue jeans since the 17th century, dating all the way back to when they were first created in 1873. Two decades prior, Bavarian born Levi Strauss worked with his brothers as a dry goods wholesaler in New York City. Strauss soon moved to Gold Rush San Francisco, where he opened his own dry goods business to serve smaller. In 1853, the Levi Strauss & Co business was officially founded. The brand partnered with Jacob Davis to then create the first blue jeans, made for working men, after receiving a patent for an ‘improvement in fastening pocket openings’. The jeans were formed after metal rivets were added to working mens trousers to improve their strength and durability. Denim at the time was one of the longest lasting, hard wearing materials available in fashion and became a staple to the manual labourers uniform. Now better known as Levis, the company continue their legacy specialising in well designed, simple denim jeans for both men and women. Below, you can take a look at some of the recent Levis range, perfect for getting the basics of your wardrobe right, we wouldn’t recommend any other brand. Scroll down to take a look at Levis’ current mens trousers and denim range, alongside a variety of mens clothing and accessories including popular items such as the Levis Camo Hoodie and Levis Sweatshirt.

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