Lacoste Mens Designer, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatshirts


The instantly recognizable alligator logo of the Lacoste brand is one known to many. This iconic logo comes from a brand which was first developed in 1933, by a young tennis player called Rene Lacoste. Rene Lacoste was known in the game for his sense of sportsmanship and originality towards the game. These qualities became the core values for the Lacoste brand, which evolved into being one of the most iconic brands within fashion, competing against other brands in the market such as Fred Perry. During the roaring twenties, Lacoste was busy making his legacy within tennis. In 1927, Lacoste adopted the alligator logo which was then embroidered onto all of his polo shirts which he would wear to each match. After the start up of the Lacoste brand, the same logo was used to resemble the new label and is one which is still very apparent on the high street today. Lacoste now manufactures clothing for men and womens, whilst producing a vast range of designer accessories utilising its slick, sporty signature style. Below is a variety of mens designer clothing and accessories from Lacoste, stocked at our trusted retailers, which guarantees you authentic garments and first class customer service each time you shop. Scroll down to take a look at the latest mens tracksuits, mens t-shirts, mens designer polo shirts and more from Lacoste.

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