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Founded in 1970 by Kenzo Takada, the French luxury fashion house Kenzo is now known for its tiger motif. Back in 2012 the current designers of Kenzo unveiled a knitted sweater adorned with the tiger graphic print, it was then made as a sweatshirt and later the motif was put on T-shirts and hoodies, as either a print or embroidered on. The tiger sweatshirts have proven to be popular and they have been seen on celebrities such as Jay Z and Swizz Beats. The tiger came from the Kenzo archives as in the 70’s Kenzo Takada was taking influence from Asian style and his first boutique was decorated with a jungle theme. Kenzo continues to take influence from other places always adding their modern and unique interpretation. The brands Parisian and New York street style is full of modern tailoring and a bright colour palette as sweatshirts can be found in a range of colours from orange, turquoise and bright red. If you love bold prints, then Kenzo is the perfect brand for you as you can find an array of floral patterns, hypnotic swirls and doodle prints as well as the new eye logo. See our Kenzo men’s selection below to find a new statement piece for your wardrobe.

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