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The Jordan brand is known for being one of the most reputable basketball-based brands within the market today, created by Michael Jordan himself (in partnership with Nike, of course), who now has a net worth of approximately 2.1 billion USD. As a sub brand of the famous Nike label, the Jordan name has its own place within the footwear market for its innovative design technology and technical underfoot ability. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the brand has seen huge developments in shape and silhouette over the years, creating a great friendship between the two pinnacles of the Jordan label. Last year alone, Jordan earned an estimated $130 million from his eponymous sub-brand, which is four times as much as fellow basketball legend, Lebron James, in his partnership with Nike. The Nike Air Jordan brand has been recognized globally, by avid basketball fans and fashion fanatics across the world. Wearing a pair of Nike Jordans is one sure way to get yourself noticed within the streetwear movement, a classic head turner with huge history behind the making of each pair. Celebrities such as ASAP Rocky, Will Smith, Dave Mustaine, Bones Brigade (including Tony Hawk and Lance Mountain) and Kanye West have all been spotted wearing the brand since its earlier days. Below, you can take a look at the latest releases from Nike Jordan, which includes a range of mens trainers, the Jordan hoodie, Jordan sweatshirt, mens shorts, mens t-shirts and a variety of accessories.

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