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Tommy Hilfiger

Born in New York, 1951, Tommy Hilfiger made his way up the fashion ladder to create one of the most iconic brands within the industry. The Tommy Hilfiger brand was first founded in the early 80’s, which is now renowned for its red, white and blue logo. By 1985, Tommy Hilfiger had secured its first major advert spot in Times Square, NYC. The following decade saw the rise of the Hilfiger brand, as 90’s fashion became the unintentional, quintessential style of the label. During that era, Tommy Hilfiger was sported by spotlight names including Destiny’s Child, Snoop Dogg, Grand Puba and Wu-Tang Clan, making the brand one of the most represented throughout the hip-hop movement. These endorsements enabled the Hilfiger brand to grow rapidly, encouraging other labels to reach out and embrace Tommy Hilfiger’s growing legacy. In the 2000’s, Tommy Hilfiger saw collaborations with the likes of Warner Brothers (releasing a limited edition Bugs Bunny sporting a Hilfiger outfit), and even appeared in Michael Jackson’s Vibe magazine spread after he wore a Tommy Hilfiger branded jumper. Tommy Hilfiger are stocked at numerous trusted retailers which feature on our list. Below, you can find the current collection of Tommy Hilfiger mens clothing, including the classic Tommy Hilfiger jeans, Tommy Hilfiger hoodies, Tommy Hilfiger mens bomber jacket and more.

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