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Fred Perry

Fred Perry first made his name when he took the title as world table tennis champion at the young age of 19. He soon moved to the lawn where he then took the Wimbledon title three times. As his career progressed, Perry became David Cup captain, winning 10 majors and being the first player to win a Career Grand Slam, making him one of the most successful British players of all time. He remains the only British player to ever make all of these achievements. In 1984, a statue was unveiled at Wimbledon in honour of Fred Perry himself, in light of all the achievements he had made for British tennis. Prior to the events, Perry designed his own tennis shirt in 1952 with the classic ‘Fred Perry fit’ – a simple, streamlined polo shit suitable for on and off the pitch. This became a signature piece for Perry both on and off the courts, and is now recognized as one of the most iconic British brands throughout the whole of the fashion industry. Fred Perry now widely manufactures pieces for both men and women. Offering a variety of mens shirts, mens t-shirts and of course, the classic polo shirt, Fred Perry are a timeless must have when it comes to brands, in anyone’s wardrobe. Scroll down to take a look at the current Fred Perry collection available at The Hoxton Trend.

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