Fendi Fashion for Men, Polo, Puffer Jackets, Eyes Shirt, Footwear


Fendi was founded in 1925 in Rome and launching their men’s collection in the early 90’s, Fendi has always been at the forefront of luxury fashion. It started out as a fur and leather shop but quickly expanded into so much more, although expertly crafted fabrics still make up part of the brands DNA. The fashion house was under the creative direction of the late Karl Lagerfeld for over 50 years and he created the famous FF logo that is now printed as a monogram on everything from jumpers to scarves and even trainers. The monogram print has become extremely iconic and everyone should own something that is covered in the print. Another Fendi signature is the Monster Eyes, whether that be on a t-shirt or wallet it adds some fun to an otherwise ordinary outfit. Other essentials include a logo t-shirt, leather trainers, and a motif bag. Fendi men is contemporary, yet it still channels its Italian heritage. The brand is recognised all over the world for its innovation and Fendi is seen in music videos, on the red carpet and all-over social media proving how sought after it is. Make sure to explore our full selection for men here.

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