Edwin Clothing for men, Footwear, Hoodies, Overshirts, Sweatshirts


Edwin is a Japanese clothing brand that was founded in 1947 by ‘Mr Tsunemi’. The brand is known for their original and dynamic denim designs and they mainly focus on jeans manufacture. ‘Mr Tsunemi’ created the brand when denim was not widely available in Japan and so he imported denim from the US and created styles that he wanted to wear. It took him a few years to create his first line of premium Japanese denim, so it wasn’t until 1961 when the first domestically produced Edwin denim jean was available to buy. Shortly after Edwin expanded its product range to include more casualwear that was inspired by American fashion. The brand is known for inventing ‘stone washing’ jeans to create a faded look and this has now inspired designers all over the world. Edwin now combines a modern aesthetic with its heritage creating innovative denim, ‘Mr Tsunemi’ had a passion for streetwear and so incorporates that into his designs. Stock up now on all your staple denim including classic fits such as skinny jeans. Also take a look at the range of logo T-shirts, hoodies and shorts if you want to see what else the brand has to offer.

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