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1908 saw the Converse Rubber Coorporation first open its doors, founded by Marquis Mill Converse. Initially, the company manufactured a variety of rubber work shoes which were produced on a seasonal basis. However, soon the manufacturer began to expand into the world of athleticism, where they made specialised shoes for athletes – especially those who played basketball, a sport which was extremely popular at the time in America (and still is today). The very first All Star basketball shoe was released in 1917. The shoe was originally produced in a natural brown canvas fabric which covered the foot and ankle, with a black rubber trim and sole for extra grip – the shoe was trademarked and marketed under the name of ‘Non Skids’. The boom in sales and overall popularity for the shoe came when Charles ‘Chuck’ H Taylor, a basketball player for the Akron Firestones began to wear the shoe for games. After seeing so much potential in the shoe, he joined the sales force for the brand in 1921, and became a coach for the Converse All Star team. Due to his contribution of the success of the Converse shoe, the brand named the shoe the ‘Converse Chuck Taylor’ in 1932 – a name which it still carries today. The classic canvas high top remains hugely popular, not just in America and the world of basketball, but worldwide as a much more casual piece of footwear. Below, you can take a look at our retailers’ selection of Converse shoes, including Converse mens high tops and Converse apparel including Converse hoodies, mens t-shirts and mens sweatshirts.

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