We Caught Up With Mats Island One Of The UK’s Largest Stone Island Resellers | The Hoxton Trend

Last week, The Hoxton Trend ventured to Bristol, a city renowned for its rich history and nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of southwest England, between Somerset and Gloucestershire, along the winding banks of the River Avon.

Bristol’s charm resides in its diverse array of attractions, catering to enthusiasts of art, music, and cultural heritage. Situated strategically, Bristol serves as a gateway to the alluring South West region. Additionally, Bristol’s modern economy flourishes on key pillars including creative media, technology, electronics, and aerospace industries.

Amidst socio-political turbulence and economic adversity, the youth of Bristol wholeheartedly embraced the spirit of American rap, leaving an indelible mark on their music, style, and social landscape. This cultural resurgence witnessed the rise of sound systems, civil rights advocacy, and lively social gatherings, paving the way for a thriving urban music scene. Captured through the lens of Bristol native Andy Beese, fondly known as Beezer, this era of dynamism and creativity was immortalised in his evocative photographic chronicles.

Located in the fashionable district of Park Street, Jacobs Store stands as a renowned hub of independent retail, specialising in curated pre-owned clothing. Managed by Bristol locals Jacob and Sam, the store offers a carefully curated selection of apparel from coveted brands such as Stone Island, CP Company, Moncler, Nike, Bape, Supreme, and others.

Our journey led us to the doorstep of Mats Island, a venerable luminary in the realm of Stone Island resellers, boasting a decade-long tenure with his eponymous brand. Mats Island descended upon Bristol to unveil his meticulously curated collection in collaboration with Jacobs Store, hosting an exclusive pop-up shop within its hallowed confines.

During our conversation with Mat, we explored his journey from starting out to hitting an impressive milestone of over 10,000 sales on his website in just four years. Mat shared some fascinating stories about his passion for selling and gave us an exclusive look at his collection of rare Stone Island items.

The video capturing our discussion with Mats Island is now available on YouTube, providing a captivating glimpse into his reselling venture and the vibrant atmosphere of Bristol’s urban scene.