The Hoxton Trend Links Up with OG Collectors at Former Stone Island Outlet | The Hoxton Trend

Last week, we ventured to the former Stone Island outlet situated in East London’s now-defunct Hackney Walk shopping district. We wanted to catch up with some OG Stone Island collectors to talk shop as well as the closure of the Stone Island outlet

We caught up with P, the founder of digital magazine, Wants_WeAreNotTheSame, and Warren, also known as WStarBoy, a serial collector. They’ve been following the channel since its early days, and our shared passion for the culture has kept us connected. It seemed fitting to link up and bid farewell to the Stone Island outlet. Don’t worried we also filmed a video for our YouTube channel to share the experience with our community and followers.

Warren reminisced about the old-school shops where he used to purchase clothing and shared his journey into the world of Stone Island. He expressed his fondness for the Stone Island outlet and his admiration for the top-quality garments they sold at crazy prices. 

Meanwhile, Hoxton shared his insights and thoughts on the current state of the market and the direction designers are taking, especially concerning pricing. The conversation between the three seasoned individuals provided a fascinating perspective on fashion.