It's Confirmed: Stone Island Prototype Series 8 Releases At Milano Design Week | The Hoxton Trend

Back in 2019 The Hoxton Trend covered the Stone Island Prototype Series 4 release at Milano Design Week, located at Stone Island’s very own exhibition space located at Stone Island Showroom, Via Savona 54, Milan. The Stone Island Prototype Series 4 utilised a distinctive method called “MANUAL FLOCKING ON NYLON METAL GRID-OVD,” the styles are grounded in experimental fabrics that blend the brand’s iconic iridescent appearance with an innovative flocking technique. 

Each piece was crafted from Stone Island’s “Nylon Metal” material, then sprayed with a water-based adhesive, and finally subjected to cotton flock application. Subsequently, the jacket undergoes a double-dye process, resulting in a vibrant, saturated outer shell, yes pretty serious stuff.

Following this process, each item dispalyed a unique variation of the treatment, rendering every garment one-of-a-kind. You can view the amazing Stone Island 2019 Prototype 04 Nylon Metal Flock Grid OVD jacket in all its glory in the video above.

Initially Stone Island launched their Prototype Series collections in 2016, the Stone Island Prototype Research Series was created to offer exclusive limited editions that push the boundaries of what the Stone Island Research Team could achieve with current technologies. Additionally, the design and construction of the collections meant that Stone Island could not justify a full-scale production and hence why the pieces are limited, typically around 100 piece. 

In 2023 Hoxton covered the latest Stone Island Prototype Research 7 release, again, during Milan Design Week. This time around, thermochromatic technology took center stage to showcase Liquid Crystal Heat Reactive, which is as exciting as its name would suggest.

According to Stone Island, the name describes: “Nylon canvas fabric, coated with a reactive helical-shaped cholesteric liquid crystals ink, reveals a vast spectrum of chromatic points, spanning diverse and unexpected degrees of iridescence. We know, it sounds all very technical and Stone Island-ish, true to form. A full video of that release coverage can be found in our video Above

In the video above, Hoxton managed to acquire a full set of the Prototype Series 3 after a follower reached out and asked if he could do a comprehensive review. Naturally, Hoxton was chuffed at the opportunity and accepted.

Their is no doubt that the Prototype research appeals to the more avid collectors and enthusiasts of the premium Italian sportswear brand. These yearly limited editions showcase garments crafted from fabrics and/or treated using experimental processes developed through research, ensuring Stone Island stays at the forefront of fabric development and clothing technology based on it’s founding routes

The upcoming release, STONE ISLAND PROTOTYPE RESEARCH_SERIES 08, will be revealed during Milano Design Week 2024 through a dedicated installation at the Stone Island Milan showroom. The installation will be accessible to the public from April 15th to April 21st. Hoxton will be convering the event for our channel so our viewers can get a front row experiance, a video will release shortly.