Slam Jam to Reward Real Physical Clothing to The Winner of the Dour Darcels NFT Game

Slam Jam to Reward Real Physical Clothing to The Winner of the Dour Darcels NFT Game

September 23, 2022
Dom Challis

In celebration of Milan Fashion Week, Dour Darcels has partnered with Italian streetwear retailer – Slam Jam, to unveil their new blockchain game – Dour Fits.

The new blockchain-based game by Dour Darcels, allows users to dress the cycloptic characters in NFT and real life clothing – with one lucky fashionable person winning real physical clothing from Slam Jam.

For those that don’t know, Dour Darcels are a collection of 10,000 moody looking frens from the digital world of Darcel Disappoints. With every Darcel being unique and individual, they’re all randomly assigned and carefully curated. 

Each Darcel is a NFT that lives on the Ethereum blockchain and is the key to the Dour Darcels community. Their new game, Dour Fits, challenges users to design outfits for their unique NFT ‘Darcel’ figure based on a variety of themes. 

For the game’s first round, Dour Darcels has collaborated with Slam Jam to help them kick off the start of their styling game, using both Slam Jam’s current collection and archives. 

The new blockchain game from Dour Fits and Slam Jam, which started September 22, works as such:

Users are first given digital versions of specific items from Slam Jam’s collections to style their Darcel with. Users are given one week to design and submit their looks.

Next, the Dour Darcels community take a vote on whichever outfit they think best matches the specified theme.

The winner of the game is rewarded with not only seven exclusive Slam Jam x Dour Fit NFTs to dress their Darcel in, but also physical iterations of those clothes and footwear from Slam Jam. 

Since their founding in 1989, Slam Jam is the home to many different fashion labels such as Stone Island, Stussy, New Balance and many more.

Slam Jam are also no strangers to the frequent collaboration, with some of their most recent partnerships including AC Milan, Vans and Levi’s.

If you’re tempted to take part in the new blockchain game, you’re in safe hands as the Dour Fits game was designed by former Apple Games editor – Adam Johnson and overseen by Dour Darcels founder – Craig Redman. 

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