Philipp Plein's on a Mission to Make Crypto Within Fashion Much More Accessible

Philipp Plein’s on a Mission to Make Crypto Within Fashion Much More Accessible

May 10, 2022
Dom Challis

For over a year now, Philip Plein has been making multiple attempts at making cryptocurrencies and digital fashion the status quo within fashion.

In August 2021, Philipp Plein‘s company began accepting Crypto as online payment.

Plein has stated that his ambition is to convert normal people – including his 67 year old mother – to the world of cryptocurrency and NFTs by making them more accessible.

While he believes the Metaverse is the future of the internet, Plein is aware that just like e-commerce 25 years ago, digital fashion and the Metaverse will only be successful once it is widely adopted. 

Plein is a German fashion designer and the founder of the Philipp Plein International Group which includes the Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, and Billionaire brands.

At the end of April, a Philipp Plein flagship store in Bond Street opened and is the first retail store in London to accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

The London flagship store has three floors of accessories and apparel. It also features an NFT art gallery – dubbed the Museum of NFT Art (MoNA).

The store accepts payment from twenty digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Plein also expects an initial 5% of sales to be paid in crypto at the store, matching the amount from the online store.

Philipp Plein‘s new flagship store will also serve as a Metaverse information center with staff trained to give people tutorials in setting up a digital wallet and navigating the process of buying NFTs and digital fashion.

This is another method that’s suppose to help reinforce Plein’s mission at making digital fashion and cryptocurrencies more accessible to people with no prior knowledge of NFTs.

Plein also aims to normalise the process of owning NFTs by giving some away for free with the purchase of his physical products which is also a smart way of extending his customer database. 

Although Plein has been offering crypto payment as an option at his online stores since August 2021, this idea of accepting and making cryptocurrencies more instore accessible is due to eventually roll out to Plein’s 100 other stores across the world.

Philipp Plein‘s mission to open up NFTs, digital fashion, and cryptocurrencies to anyone with a credit card is well in motion. 

Have used cryptocurrency to purchase yourself retail goods or NFTs yet? 

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