OG Kicks London Store Keeps Kicking-Out The Hottest Grails | The Hoxton Trend

A few weeks ago, while exploring Central London’s Carnaby Street, we stumbled upon O.G. KICKS at 19 – 21 Foubert’s Place in Central. Intrigued, we ventured inside to learn more about this establishment and were pleasantly surprised to find out that the manager was not only a fan of our channel but also a member of our Facebook community.

He shared with us details on their founder, Ryan, and the humble beginnings of the Brighton-based store, recounting their journey from Depop to acquiring their second store on Carnaby Street. Impressed by their story, we were eager to delve deeper into their journey. The store will offer a diverse selection of limited-edition sold-out sneakers, along with a seamless buy, sell, trade experience.

Crafted to provide an unmatched shopping journey, the new space boasts a sleek and contemporary interior designed to showcase a wide array of after-market sneakers. Coupled with a friendly and knowledgeable team, customers will have the opportunity to engage in safe transactions and explore the vibrant sneaker culture firsthand.

One of the store’s standout features is its impressive inventory, meticulously curated over the past seven years. Expect to discover authentic and highly sought-after sneakers from top brands such as Jordan, Yeezy, Nike, New Balance, and Adidas, including very near dead-stock (VNDS) options that offer exceptional value. 

At the heart of OG Kicks lies a genuine passion for sneakers, the culture they represent, and the community they foster. The team eagerly anticipates welcoming enthusiasts to the store and sharing their unwavering dedication to the sneaker lifestyle.

Established by Ryan Jackson in 2016, OG Kicks has rapidly ascended from being a top-ten Depop seller globally to becoming a revered destination for OG sneaker enthusiasts, drawing pilgrims from London and beyond to our Bond Street location. Our shop has become synonymous with the Brighton sneaker scene, embodying a community-centric ethos that resonates with sneakerheads far and wide.

Stay tuned for future video content featuring O.G. Kicks, as we’ll be collaborating to bring you more coverage on this rising star in the resell trainer specialist scene. Keep an eye out for updates and exciting developments!