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How We Would Style Mr Porters Exclusive T-Shirt Collection

July 27, 2020
Hollie Gwinnett

As MR PORTER launches their exclusive T-Shirt collection The Tee Store’ made up of 30 styles, we wanted to show you how we would style some of the tees. To find out more about the collection head over to our previous blog.

Starting off with Aries who have created 3 T-Shirts for the collection. The tees are a series of cartoonish prints inspired by the comic ‘Squeak the Mouse’. This pink, cat print is a perfect colour for the summer and also the cheapest Aries tee out of the 3 at £80. Pair with pink jersey shorts for a casual look and pink toned accessories to tie the look together. Finally, finish off with a pair of trainers such as the Nike Sacai LDWaffle sneakers.

Next up is a black tee from Casablanca, the brand has supplied 4 exclusive tees to the collection including a taster of what to expect from their Winter Collection. We have picked out the dalmatian logo tee, and pair with some khaki green cargo look-a-likes to make the black tee stand out. Keep everything else black by wearing all black trainers such as Air Force 1’s and finish the look off with a Balenciaga messenger bag which will sit to the side of the T-Shirt.

For something brighter opt for the rave inspired tees designed by COME TEES. The 3 T-Shirts that were designed by founder Sonya Sombreuil were inspired by 1990’s rave flyers, and something as bright as this neon yellow T-Shirt will really make a statement. For the summer pair with some shorts and a bucket hat. For a final touch add long striped socks and black Nike trainers which is a look straight from the 90’s.

Sticking with colour but slightly toned down take a look at this tee designed by Reese Cooper. This green design pays tribute to the laid-back spirit of Los Angeles. Add some skinny distressed jeans which are on trend, and by opting for a denim blue colour it makes the green tee pop. Finally add a pair of Nikes such as the Nike Killshot with a green swoosh to match the T-Shirt and finish the look off with some silver jewellery.

Finally, we picked out one of the tees from up and coming brand Sorry In Advance. With a minimal design you are free to pair it with some statement trousers. The Stussy tie-dye joggers are perfect for a casual day when you still want to look good, and by picking out colours from the joggers you can tie the outfit together. With a grey beanie and grey sneakers, the fit is complete.

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