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Fake VS Real How To Spot A Fake DSquared2 T-Shirt

July 26, 2021
Hollie Gwinnett

For the hot, summer weather a t-shirt is perfect, and what better than a designer logo tee? Some of our favourites include DSquared2, Palm Angels and Off White. However, there are so many fakes online, so Hox is here to talk us through how to spot a fake DSquared2 tee. You can find authentic DSqaured2 T-shirts at various retailers including Coggles, Aphrodite and FlannelsAnd for more t-shirts, make sure to check them out here. Plus at the end we show you the best places to get DSquared2 sale items!


One of the most telling signs is the print quality. On the fake, the logo will be poor quality; on the t-shirt that Hox is showing he says there are faint black spots and scratches on the logo. Whereas if you look at a genuine DSqaured2 tee, the screen print will feel thicker and not have any faults on the logo.


Another sign to look out for is the general quality of the t-shirt. The fake tee will be very low quality, the fabric will be thin and light. You can usually tell the quality of an expensive garment by the fabric. If it is thick and heavy you know it’s good quality and therefore genuine.


Next up is the label on the inside of the tee, sewn into the side seam. Hox said that this can be quite difficult as the fake labels do look good. The tag on the genuine t-shirt is quite long and an off-white colour, whereas the fake tees label is bright white. The real t-shirt also has an extra label over the garment label saying the size of the tee, whereas the fake doesn’t.


On the genuine t-shirt the stitching looks slightly better and more professional. The seams have been overlocked so that they are hidden and it tidies up the inside. However, even the stitching on the fake tee looks professional so its important that you are looking at all the signs and not just relying on bad stitching…  

Don’t forget that if you want to be sure that you are buying a genuine DSquared2 item, then its best to buy direct from a legit retailer. Take a look below to see a real DSquared2 t-shirt. 

DSquared2 Red Tag Logo Print T-Shirt

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DSquared2 ICON Logo Print T-Shirt


DSquared2 Logo Print T-Shirt

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DSquared2 ICON Logo Print T-Shirt Red


And if you want to save money but want to make sure you are receiving a genuine tee then take a look at the DSquared2 sale at Farfetch or Flannels. For a more in-depth look check out Hox’s video below and also subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can find loads of videos like this and so much more! Plus don’t forget to check out a list of trusted retailers that we recommend.