C.P. Company is Looking to The Fall With These New Lightweight Technical Garments

C.P. Company is Looking to The Fall With These New Lightweight Technical Garments

June 22, 2022
Dom Challis

C.P. Company are already preparing for the windier weather and have dropped some new arrivals from their Fall/Winter 2022 collection which comprises of jackets, vests, cargo pants, and shorts plus a rucksack, shoulder pack and accessories.

This drop comes not long after C.P. Company‘s collaboration with OASIS and Manchester singer Liam Gallagher who launched his own collaboration with C.P. Company and also Snow Peak and Barbour towards the end of May.

The standout pieces from this new drop include outwear pieces such as the goggle hooded Eco-Chrome R Down jacket which comes in “Total Eclipse” blue and the Gabardine Zipped Shirt in “Gauze White.” 

Another leading garment from this release is the BA-TIC Gilet Vest in “Thyme” green. Designed with great detail and an extra amount of pockets – the Stretch Sateen Cargo Pants come in “Ivy Green” and “Cumin” plus the Light Fleece Shorts are another option for those who are going for a utilitarian outfit.

The cherry on the top of this drop has to be the stylish and lightweight crossbody rucksacks and shoulder packs, as well as the C.P. Company logo caps, bucket hat, and beanie. 

The Spring/Summer 2022 Flatt Nylon “La 500 Miglia” jacket in “friar Brown” makes a return to the lookbook and so does the 30/1 Mercerized Jersey Sailor T-shirt. 

Coming in a variety of colours and staying true to their reputation of featuring goggles and more pockets than anyone else, these new garments and accessories may be from the Fall/Winter 22 collection but will definitely be useful for any season.

With a price range of £70 – £600, the new C.P. Company collection will be making its way to UK retailers any day now and we’ll be sure to be let everyone know as soon as possible.

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