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One Piece’ Sanji 42mm Mens Watch

Sold By: Goldsmiths
Price: £390.00



Seiko 5 Sports x One Piece Limited Edition – Vinsmoke Sanji Introducing limited edition watches created in partnership with one of the most successful Japanese Manga anime series: One Piece. The One Piece stories are based on a pirate theme with good overcoming evil, the main character pursuing the ‘one piece’ for him to become the Pirate King. The fun, colourful and eye-catching animations are the inspiration behind this watch collaboration, with each watch representing one of the five key characters in the series. This specific watch takes its design cues from the character Vinsmoke Sanji, also known as Black Leg, the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. He is the fifth member of the crew, a prince who disowned his family twice, in his youth and as an adult, he became a sous chef until he met Luffy, who convinced him to join his crew. Each limited edition piece comes with its own special box. Seiko 5 Sports is known for over fifty years of reliability, durability, performance and value. 5 represents the original five key features of every Seiko 5 still present today: Automatic movement, Day-date display, Water Resistance, Recessed crown and Durable case and bracelet..

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