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Nylon Econyl Waffle Print Jacket – Butter

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Stone Island Shadow Project Nylon Econyl Waffle Print Jacket in Butter. Crafted in Italy to Stone Island’s exacting standards, this stunning jacket serves as a centrepiece of the Shadow Project sub-brand’s final collection. Emblematic of Stone Island’s efforts to sustain a more eco-friendly future, this piece is crafted using Regenerative Econyl Nylon. Fabricated by recycling end-of-life nylon from waste such as fishing nets, Econyl Nylon undergoes a complex depolymerisation process to engineer a nylon yarn that possesses the same intrinsic characteristics as nylon from fossil raw material. These yarns construct the garment before Stone Island use carefully selected inks to shrink the fabric, creating a bubble-like waffle texture that reflects light differently across its uneven surface, as well as adding zonal stiffness to the piece. This incredible technical innovation in the engineering of the jacket is exemplary of the Italian sportswear brand’s constant implementation of a forward-thinking attitude, one that continues to break the barriers of what is achievable in the creation of garments, as they have proudly done for decades. The jacket then undergoes a garment-dyeing process in the brand’s Italian factory, achieving rich and intense, yet varied, buttery yellow tones across the piece. A PFC-Free Anti-Drop agent treats the piece to improve its water-resistant properties, further enhancing the elemental protection that it provides. Internally a mesh hood offers breathability while shoulder straps allow you to throw back the jacket at a moment’s notice, if the weather takes a turn for the better. Externally, adjustability is offered through an array of velcro patches and cords to areas such as the hemline, cuffs and hood, meaning that each piece can be personalised to the wearer’s personal body specifications. Hardware such as a two-way Ykk Zipper and two zipped pockets inject a dose of functionality, allowing for styling versatility and on-the-go storage. And to complete this undeniably unique jacket, Stone Island’s famed sub-division delivers monochromatic branding in the form of a black detachable Shadow-Project Compass Badge on the left arm.

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