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Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders 46mm Mens Watch Green

Sold By: Goldsmiths
Price: £1,960.00



In one of the darkest moments of WWII, eighty pilots risked their lives to take on an impossible mission for the freedom of mankind. They are the Doolittle Raiders. On the 80th anniversary of their legendary mission, BALL proudly presented the all-new Engineer Master II Doolittle Raiders series to pay homage to their bravery, selflessness and sacrifices. The series combines classic military toughness with modern watchmaking technology. The Raider emblem representing the 80 raiders has taken the center stage of the dial. Its bright yellow tone is in perfect contrast to the three dial colors: black, blue and green. The limited-edition number of each timepiece is proudly painted on the dial while the rest of the design is fine-tuned. Aviators require large bright watches. To meet this challenge, BALL Watch Company provided this series’ indexes and hands with H3 luminous micro gas tubes. The manual movement offered on this 46mm version runs the hour and minute hands along with the second hand on a sub-dial. Forged from robust stainless steel and in keeping with the retro-military ethos, the cases feature both polished and brushed finishing for added contrast and tapering lugs for wearing comfort. The oversized onion crown is not only aesthetic but also allows for better grip with gloved hands. As final touch in tribute to the Doolittle Raiders, this limited edition comes in a special box-set with a complimentary B-25 aircraft 1: 72 scale.

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