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Big Crown Waldenburgerbahn 40mm Mens Watch – Limited Edition

Sold By: Goldsmiths
Price: £1,900.00



There is no doubt that when Oris’s founder schose Holstein as the base for their new company in 1904 that the Waldenburgerbahn played a significant role in their decision. This efficient, low cost rail network opened in 1880 and passed through the Waldenburg Valley, linking the towns of Liestal in the north and Waldenburg in the south. It covered just 13km, but passed right by the Oris factory and proved a magnet for commuters, fuelling Oris’s growth and empowering the region. During the past 140 years, the Waldenburgerbahn has been upgraded several times so that the steam locomotives that first ran the line are longgone. In April 2021, the line closed for its next evolution: in December 2022 a high-tech tramway will open, reconnecting the valley once again and providing Oris employees with a low-carbon means of getting to work. This is even better news as it will help us deliver the Oris Emissions Reduction Programme, formalised earlier this year in our first Oris Sustainability Report. To mark the role this vital network continues to play in the Oris story, we’re proud to announce the Waldenburgerbahn Limited Edition, a 1, 000 – piece edition based on our signature Big Crown Pointer Date, a timeless design first introduced more than eight decades ago. Its finishing touch is a special case back engraving of the old Waldenburgerbahn locomotive.

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