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How We Work

TheHoxtonTrend is an online platform connecting you to over 70 Luxury & premium menswear retailers, all in one place. We take pride in making shopping for alternative luxury menswear easy. 

With the availability of tens of thousands of products on site, we guarantee there is something for every budget or style, putting the pleasure back into online shopping.

The features of our shop enable you to easily access and refine our products down to something that suits what you’re looking for. The products we feature on site, are split into three main categories of ‘Clothing’, ‘Footwear’ and ‘Accessories’.

Each category on our site has its own filtering feature, where you can filter by ‘Product type’, ‘Brand’, ‘Price’ and ‘Sale’. This feature enables you to be specific when trying to find a certain garment, style, or brand that you’d like to purchase, whilst being able to find something that is within your personal budget. You can select the ‘Sale’ option if you’re specifically looking for a bargain and would like to make a saving on a statement piece. Each category also features a ‘Sort by’ drop down option, where you can put products in order by price or newest.

The ‘Reset’ button will clear all filters you’ve added if you would like to search for a different product.

Our product pages feature a description of the item followed by the retailer it’s sold by and the retail price. By using our site, we’re bringing the retailer to you, enabling you to be efficient on scanning through multiple websites and finding the product that you want. The ‘Buy now’ button will then take you to the actual website the product is available from, where you can make your purchase safely and securely.

The Hoxton Trend Search Bar

For a quicker, more specific search, the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the site can be used to type a particular word or phrase to help you find that individual item. To get the most accurate results, ensure that spellings are correct (T-shirt or Tee are the correct words to describe this product type but the word Tshirt is not and won’t bring back relevant results), or you can use “quotation marks” to find exactly what you want. For example “white shirt” brings back better results than white shirt

Our ‘A-Z Retailers’ section splits different brands and retailers into categories such as ‘Luxury’ or ‘Premium’. You can also find retailers which divide into categories such as ‘Sportswear’ or ‘Junior Clothing’.

Our ‘Release News + Blogs’ section covers news on the latest releases and collections from your favourite brands. You can also find articles on style, culture and innovation within men’s fashion.

Our homepage also features discount codes and quickfire deals which are often exclusive to our website. The ‘Sales’ section allows you to unlock the latest deals from various retailers, where you can make bigger savings on high-end items.

The ‘What’s Trending’ section lists all the latest, upcoming trends which will filter products down to fit into that particular craze.

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