Marshall artist for men, Jumpers, T Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tracksuits

Marshall Artist

Upcoming brand Marshall Artist has been heavily recognized by those following the popular streetwear movement which has overtaken modern fashion and culture in recent years. Founded in 2001, Marshall Artist is a London based brand which specialises in mens apparel. Sported by stars including Kendrick Lamar and David Beckham, this label is sure one to watch in the current menswear scene. Constantly striving to stay relevant within British culture, Marshall Artist launched an exclusive ambassadorship with upcoming UK Grime artist, Aitch. The partnership included a limited edition collaboration between the signer and the brand, which dropped last year. As Marshall Artist work to ‘redefine streetwear’, we see their designs become more exciting and innovative each year. This brand is a great option if you’re looking for quality casual wear which has a slightly sporty edge to it. The brand have set themselves firm foundations when it comes to the production of stylish pieces including mens overshirts and technical jackets. Marshall Artist are known for their use of innovative manufacturing and production techniques, advancing in the use of bold colours and innovative dying techniques to create a more individual aesthetic. Below you can find a variety of mens coats, mens t-shirts, mens tracksuits, sweatshirts and hoodies, bottoms and accessories from the current Marshall Artist seasonal collection.

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