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The Asics brand was founded in September 1949, originally signed to the name ‘Onitsuka Co’ by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The brand started out manufacturing basketball shoes, based in Onitsuka’s hometown of Kobe, in the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan. Onitsuka Co then produced a range of sporting footwear used by Olympians at the time, supplementing a variety of performers in different disciplines. One of the most popular models of the collection was the Mexico 66, which stood out with its distinctive crossed stripes. In 1977, the company partnered with two other companies to became Asics as we know it today. Even with the rebrand, the Asics shoes were still produced under the original name of Onitsuka. As Asics began to expand its product ranges into both footwear and apparel, it gained worldwide recognition for its technical design details and functionality. The brand is well known for their very own GEL models, including the Gel Kayano and the Gel Nimbus shoes. In 2011, the brand reached a huge milestone when it announced itself as the new manufacturer of the Australian Cricket Team uniforms, replacing the leading sportswear label, adidas. Below you can find a huge range of Asics products, perfect for both fitness fanatics and the fashion forward, with a range of styles and purposes to choose from. Scroll down to take a look at some of our retailers current range of Asics products, including classic Asics sweatshirts, Asics mens fitness apparel, mens joggers, mens shorts, mens running shoes and more.

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