You'll Never Guess What Mathieu Flamini's Incredible Net Worth Currently Is

You’ll Never Guess What Mathieu Flamini’s Incredible Net Worth Currently Is

December 5, 2022
Dom Challis

Former France international and Arsenal star Mathieu Flamini has gained an incredible net worth during his retirement since 2019, a net worth that completely wipes the floor with other ex-footballers such as David Beckham, and Brazil icons Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. 

David Beckham, who currently owns his own football club in the MLS, Inter Miami CF, currently has a net worth of £380 million. 

Brazil icon Ronaldo is also living a fine retirement life after purchasing a majority stake in LaLiga side Real Valladolid, and a majority stake in Brazillian club Cruzeiro. Making Ronaldo’s net worth in the region of £133 million. 

As mouth-water as these figures are, both players’ net worths are dwarfed by that of Mathieu Flamini, who currently sits on an estimated net worth of over £10 billion. 

37-year-old Flamini, who started his career at Marseille, before enjoying two spells with Arsenal, five seasons at AC Milan and a short period at Chrystal Palace, retired in 2019 after co-founding the environmentally conscious biochemical company GF Biochemicals. 

GF Biochemicals breakthrough came when they become the first to be able to mass-produce levulinic acid. This is an oil substitute with a variety of uses and Flamini and business partner/co-founder of the company, Pasquala Granata have earned million on millions.

With over 400 workers on their books, Forbes has estimated that their stakes in the company gives both individuals a net worth of £10.2 billion each.

Flamini had this to say about the project: “What we’re trying to achieve here is to tackle the chemical pollution… This investment is a first step of a major journey which will also move in the direction of developing key partnerships and agreements with large producers of household and industrial goods.”

While he enjoyed a successful career, it’s fair to say it wasn’t anywhere near the level of success that players like Beckham and Brazil’s Ronaldo enjoyed. Nonetheless, Flamini is officially one of, if not the wealthiest ex-footballer.

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