You Can Now Book Through Airbnb to Spend The Night at DJ Khaled's Epic Trainer Collection Room

You Can Now Book Through Airbnb to Spend The Night at DJ Khaled’s Epic Trainer Collection Room

November 24, 2022
Dom Challis

I bet no one ever knew they wanted to spend an evening in DJ Khaled’s luxurious footwear wardrobe, but now that it’s an option on Airbnb for a reasonable price – everyone’s going to want to experience this.

He’s best known for his high-level studio skills and bringing some of the planet’s biggest superstars together on his albums, but it’s no secret that DJ Khaled is also a serious trainer enthusiast with a vast collection.

DJ Khaled has been collecting kicks for years, and with his collaborative Air Jordan 5 in Sail, Yellow & Violet Star and in Crimson Bliss, Blue & Sail trainers on the horizon, the Louisiana born DJ has now teamed up with Airbnb to offer fans a unique experience by staying over night in his seriously-stocked trainer collection room.

Located in Miami, DJ Khaled’s available to book room is packed full of exclusive and collaborative Nike trainers, and the room itself is decked out in luxurious decor, with hardwood floors mimicking a basketball court.

Available to rent for only $16 USD per night, here’s what guests can expect during their stay:

  • A handwritten welcome note from DJ Khaled himself upon arrival
  • To be gifted an exclusive pair of We The Best Air Jordan 5s 
  • An outdoor lounge with a swimming pool available to be used
  • The opportunity to enjoy some of DJ Khaled’s favourite Miami locations, such as a catered dinner from his Miami restaurant “The Licking.”
  • A private shopping experience at Miami’s premier footwear store – “305 Kicks.”

Anyone keen to book an Airbnb stay at DJ Khaled’s trainer collection room in Miami, can send off a request now for dates starting from Wednesday 30 November. Travel costs, taxes, and fees are excluded from the $16 USD asking price.

You can also enter the draw at END. for the upcoming DJ Khaled X Air Jordan 5 Retro SP trainers in Sail, Yellow & Violet Star and the more vibrant Crimson Bliss, Blue & Sail.

The collaborative Air Jordan 5s are part of a 10-piece DJ Khaled X Air Jordan collaboration, featuring unisex jackets, hoodies, T-shirts, and more over at END. With the raffles all ending Monday 28 November at 8:00 am, follow the links to take a closer look.



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