Valentino Vintage Launches Swap-Shops In 7 Cities Including London

Valentino Vintage Launches Swap-Shops In 7 Cities Including London

April 25, 2023
Dom Challis

The luxury fashion house of Valentino has stepped up its Valentino Vintage initiative by teaming up with vintage stores around the world, including London, to bring the vintage swap-shop scheme to a wider audience.

Teaming up with vintage stores in the seven cities of London, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Seoul and New York – Valentino has also included the London-based education and incubator – 1 Granary into the house’s new swap-shop programme. 

The new 2023 initiative began with the 2021 Valentino Vintage program that allows you to take your previously loved Valentino garments to selected stores in order to have them exchanged for a voucher that can be spent on new Valentino pieces – extending the cycle of luxury fashion.

The updated 2023 program sees Valentino partner with seven vintage stores that now feature a variety of the luxury fashion houses famous archival apparel. 

Each vintage store was chosen based on its cultural relevance in their respective cities. For example, London’s Rellik (seen above), opened in 1999 and was chosen for its line of vintage 1960s garments. 

The vintage store Madame Pauline in Milan was selected for its eclectic variety of clothing that resonates with the Italian generation that are known for uniquely mixing the old with the new.

Valentino has leveled up its game even further with the inclusion of 1 Granary that will see the label provide international students and young creatives with vintage Valentino garments that can be used for inspiration during their design process.

Archival pieces will be provided to the Central Saint Martins school in London, IED in Milan, Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles and more chosen schools, one from each chosen city.

Not only is this to provide inspiration and garments that are rich with fashion history to students that need them, but to also educate them more about Maison Valentino‘s craftmanship.

Making fashion more sustainable and attainable, Valentino Vintage is now open at seven stores across the globe, including Rellik that can be found in London on 8 Golborne Rd, W10 5NW.

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