UK Streetwear Label Corteiz Top Off An Incredible Year With a Tee Giveaway

UK Streetwear Label Corteiz Top Off An Incredible Year With a Tee Giveaway

December 20, 2022
Dom Challis

British streetwear label Corteiz has built up a die-hard fanbase and a committed community who were treated to a free ‘No Carry Last’ T-shirt giveaway in Lagos – the largest city in Nigeria.

Corteiz, also known as Crtz, was founded in 2017 by its founder who’s publicly known as Clint. His collections of jackets, T-shirts, jumpers, jogging bottoms and cargos all range from £30 – £200 and feature an Alcatraz logo graphic that symbolises rebellion against convention – the core message of the brand.

The brand has an enormous exclusive feel to it as only a limited run of each product is made and sell out within minutes via its private e-commerce site which can only be accessed via a password.

Another way to get your hand on some Corteiz pieces is to be lucky enough to attend one of their surprise drops in the physical world, which is exactly what happened the other day in Lagos.

Crtz demonstrated how much the label has grown and how wide their audience has become as the tee giveaway in Lagos attracted hundreds of fans.

The streetwear label has close ties with Nigeria as the founder Clint, is a proud Nigerian and Corteiz actually done a tee giveaway in Nigeria a couple years ago.

The huge community that Corteiz has evolved over the years is an important aspect of the brand. The way Corteiz engages with their community is one reason how Corteiz has labelled themselves as a modern streetwear brand that’s keen to set itself apart from their competitors in a global streetwear industry worth over £1 billion.

Corteiz isn’t actually Clint’s first brand. Clint founded Cade in 2015 with his friend at the age of 19. Both founders were members of Apex, a London-based collective of creative teenagers who bonded over self expression and persona style while manifesting a IDGAF attitude. It’s unclear when Cade stopped operating.

Corteiz has gained over 444K followers on Instagram, it’s been one of the most searched-for brands in the UK on Depop in 2022 and the recognisable Corteiz Bolo jackets are retailing on the site for more then £350. 

Virgil Abloh was a big supporter of Corteiz as he wore the label’s “Rules The World” socks to the September 2021 Met Gala. Corteiz also has the seal of approval from UK artists such as Central Cee, Jorja Smith and Slowthai. 

If you haven’t heard of Corteiz before, now’s a great time to learn about them as the label’s only growing with every passing year and who knows? Maybe the next city they do a T-shirt giveaway will be one near you.

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