Top 10 OG Nike Air Max Colourways From The Past 34 Years

Top 10 OG Air Max Colourway Selections Over The Last 34 Years

March 24, 2021
Rachel Tooley

Today we’re taking you back in time and taking a look at some of our favourite Nike Air Max editions from the past 34 years.

Nike are undoubtedly the leading brand when it comes to footwear and sneakers. With the rise of sneakerheads in the past few years, reselling is becoming a huge market in the world of footwear. Last year, it was predicted that the sneaker resale market could hit around $30 billion by 2030. Plus, amid the current pandemic, figures have also shown that Nike’s online sales sky rocketed by a huge 82% by September 2020.  

If you’re not already aware, re-selling trainers is basically a way that people use some of the newest, most limited sneakers to make a profit. Popular with not only Nike, but adidas, Yeezy, and Reebok (just to name a few). Some sneakers, especially the older, rarer designs, can sell for up to £7000! 

We’ve chosen ten of our top OG Nike Air Max Silhouettes to share, which are currently available to buy at Stock X. 

 Nike Air Max 1 OG Vintage – Currently £179 at Stock X 

These are the certified OG Air Max 1’s, a staple for any sneakerheads wardrobe. In the classic red and white colour way, they are a super versatile piece to add to your collection. 

Nike Air Max 90 Patch OG Infrared – Currently £163 at Stock X 

This is a classic pair of Air Max 90’s, and one of our favourite ever pairs of the silhouette. The Infrared colourway is a really versatile design with a pop of coral if you want something a little bolder but still fairly toned down.  

Nike Air Max 95 OG Neon 3M – Currently £219 at Stock X 

Recently re-released by Nike after such high demand, the Air Max 95 OG Neon are a firm favourite with many, with the classic grey gradient design and hint of neon yellow being one of the most recognisable from the Nike brand. 

Nike Air Max 97 Silver Bullet (Italy) – Currently £304 at Stock X 

Nike Air Max 98 Gundam (2018) – Currently £329 at Stock X 

Air Max 98s we’re a 90’s cult classic. With a variation of colourways, the Gundam style made a comeback in 2018, and sold out immediately. Being a hit from day one, this pair is reselling now for around £300 (around double its original retail price).  

Nike Air Max Plus OG Hyper Blue 2018 – Currently £175 at Stock X

These are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a sneaker to compliment your summer outfits. The vibrant hues and yellow detailing work really well in the Air max plus silhouette and are a great casual shoe. 

Nike Air VapourMax 360 OG Grey red – Currently £71 at Stock X 

Another great looking colourway which would be super easy to style. The fiery red tone really compliments the grey on this design and is a great way to add a subtle pop of colour to an outfit.  

Nike Air Max Tailwind IV Trainer. Was £139.99. Now £109.99

Nike Air VapourMax are a really cool, muted option if you’re looking for something cooler without losing the comfort of classic Air Max designs.  

Nike Air Max 270 Bright Crimson Black – Currently £102 at Stock X  

The Air Max 270 is a more futuristic looking pair of sneakers, with the same amount of comfort and cushioning from the iconic Air Max cushioning technology. 

Nike Air Max 720 Northern Lights Night – Currently £119 at Stock X 

Again, another much more futuristic option from Nike, with hint of metallic purple and silver to keep it interesting and edgy. The breathable technology means this is a great all rounder shoe if you’re looking for something comfy, casual and stylish. 

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