The Saint Laurent Lunch Box Was First & Now We've Got The LV Burger Box

The Saint Laurent Lunch Box Was First & Now We’ve Got The LV Burger Box

January 19, 2023
Dom Challis

Forget the Saint Laurent Takeaway Box from last week, this week it’s all about the Louis Vuitton Flower Burger Box. LV are the latest luxury label to introduce their most recent fast food-inspired fashion accessory that no one really needs.

Priced at £1,850, I can’t wrap my head around why someone would really need this? Other than to keep it on the shelf or occasionally hold it to impress your peers, £1,850 seems quite expensive for such a souvenir. 

Although, unlike the Saint Laurent Takeaway Box, the Louis Vuiton Burger Box comes with something inside that could be of use. 

Crafted with plush floral leather and a beige microfiber interior lining, a selection of six colour-coordinated coasters can be found inside, inspired by the ingredients of a burger.

The six coloured coasters found inside the luxury takeaway carrier include crisp green for lettuce, red for tomato, yellow for mustard and so on.

A Louis Vuitton tag can also be found on the inside, which can be easily opened and closed with ease using the push-stud design – a design that would surely improve all takeaway packaging. 

The Louis Vuitton Burger Box is available now at Louis Vuitton and arrived as part of the Paris-based label’s ongoing Art of Dining collection. So far, the rest of the collection consists of a popcorn basket, cocktail shaker, plates and straws. 

Following Saint Laurent‘s £1,350 Takeaway Box last week and now the Louis Vuitton Burger Box, It’s easy to imagine that these luxury label’s plan for the start of 2023 was to dive into fast food-inspired fashion items. There’s no denying that both releases have been interesting ones, I just hope any upcoming takeaway releases are a little more usable.

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