The Nike AirMax 270 React SE Drop in a New Colour Way

The Nike AirMax 270 React SE Drop in a New Colour Way “Oracle aqua”

By Michael Barbara | April 28, 2020

With summer just around the corner, and spring days in full bloom everyone in isolation is patiently waiting for a positive progression and is hopeful that summer will be sanctified and we can freely enjoy the sunshine again. While the forthcoming months are unpredictable one thing is for certain : Spring and Summer call for a new outlook, renewed energy and of course fresh wardrobe additions.

Nike is introducing a new colour way to the much loved AirMax 270 React in cool hues and vibrant tones just in time for your summer shopping. AirMax 270 is the first air unit sneaker designed by Nike for lifestyle and not training purposes and it debuted in 2018. The 270, (referring to the 270 degrees of visibility in the Air unit around the shoe) was a hybrid of the Air Max 93 and 180 shoes and featured the tallest air unit at the time measuring at 32mm. Just a year after its debut Nike released the 720 air max which unlike its Younger brother the 270 which keeps the air technology in the heel, the upgraded 720 offers the air cushion all the way under the forefoot, and is also taller than the 270 by 6mm.

What sets this pair apart from the rest is actually not to do with the air technology but within the foam cushion sole. The “React” cushion technology is deemed a significant breakthrough in footwear innovation and it stemmed form nike pushing the boundaries of running shoes, striving for optimum comfort in order to achieve a fluid stride as well as maximum support to reduce the risk of running related injuries. Although it now features on running trainers the React cushion technology was originally used for basketball sneakers in 2017. The foam in the soles of the shoes allowed players to to shift direction and speed in seamless motion and to lift off at the blink of an eye, nailing the balance of soft and springy as well as squishy and stable, something not previously seen in any other Nike basketball shoe.

The React cushion foam technology took over 3 years to develop and perfect, and it truly reflects nike’s ingenuity in footwear design. The foam quickly bounces back to its original volume and shape which is integral for runners as it reacts swiftly to each step, returning to its original state ensuring a consistent underfoot feel stride after stride, mile after mile. Ernest Kim, Director of Advanced Footwear, Nike Running stated “Nike React is more durable than any other foam we’ve tested in Nike running, meaning it will keep up with the needs of even the most dedicated distance runners”With a lifestyle sneaker that utilises Nike’s meticulous air and cushion technology, in a bright colour way just in time for summer the air max 270 React in “Oracle Aqua” are a must have. This variation sees a new upper design with white grid panels covered in a translucent TPE type material. The bright aqua shade is seen all alongside the shoe stretching all the way to the back where it clashes against the citrusy kick of the ghost green eyestays and heel tabs giving it the distinctive eye catching appeal. The swoosh is in black with a gold outline which aligns with the black and gold eyelets at the bottom of the throat.


Researcher: Milo Gall, @ Milog_Gall