The Martine Rose S/S 20 collection is perfect for your quarantine fit

The Martine Rose S/S 20 collection is perfect for your quarantine fit

By Hollie Gwinnett | May 8, 2020

Martine Rose’s Spring/ Summer 2020 collection is here. Consisting of tongue-in cheek tee’s, lots of loungewear and floral prints, you’re bound to find something that you’ll want to cop.

Martine Rose is a London based designer specialising in menswear. She has slowly, but surely become a favourite in contemporary menswear design, infiltrating the streetwear market in the last couple of years. The brand originally started out as men’s brand for shirting, but it soon developed into a much more experimental brand. She takes a lot of her influence from her interactions with different communities and subcultures that she grew up around; her collections are a nod to early 90’s rave, reggae and hip hop from London and Jamaica.

It’s clear that Martine Rose has a signature style. Recognisable from the exaggerated silhouettes, oversized garments and sportswear references. This may sound like every streetwear brand, but she has been doing it for over a decade and this style has been adopted by the bigger brands such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. These larger brands are clearly noticing her presence as she was also hired as a consultant for Balenciaga menswear. The job gave her credentials, and it was probably due to this partnership that she become a well-known name on the London menswear scene.

The Spring/ Summer collection was a direct response to the political mess that Britain was going through at the time. Her collections always have an undertone of what is happening globally and in 2019 when she showcased the collection, Britain was going through Brexit. Rose said that it was more personal this time, as she lives in Britain, and seeing how the government were dealing with things made her angry. She wanted the collection to be slightly unsettling. Playful but sinister.

Here at The Hoxton Trend, we have picked out a few pieces from the collection that we think will be perfect, loungewear pieces for the current situation, so first off is the clown print jersey t-shirt. This is probably the standout piece from the collection, and it was seen on Rose herself. The tee shows a print of a cartoon clown surrounded by a circle of stars- a reference to the EU. The slogan reads ‘Promising Britain’ as a tongue-in cheek comment to what the government promised us. Priced at £108 this tee comes in both white and black, and it’ll be perfect to either make a statement or just to lounge round the house.

Next up we have the print and embroidered jersey hoodie. At £215 this soft pink hoodie is perfect whilst you are WFM. Pink and red was a colour combination we were seeing a lot of last year, and it’s here to stay for another summer. Pair it with some denim to get a look perfect for summer.

And finally, we think the reversable print hoodie is the perfect piece. Showing how innovate Martine Rose can be and giving you two looks in one. At £499 this hoodie has a black, printed logo side for when you want a more casual, everyday look. And the other side is a black and orange floral print perfect for making a statement.

There is a few more pieces from the collection, including long sleeved t-shirts and sweatshirts, shop it all here!