The Adidas Yeezy Restock May Only Be Around The Corner

The Adidas Yeezy Restock May Only Be Around The Corner

May 18, 2023
Dom Challis

With Kanye (Ye) out and about in his new ‘YZY SOCK SHOES” and with the recent news of Adidas’ plans to sell its Yeezy inventory seemingly going ahead quicker than expected, it looks like Ye may be readying himself to make his return to fashion. 

Following a recent shareholders meeting, CEO of Adidas Bjørn Gulden, announced Adidas will be selling their remaining Yeezy inventory (reportedly $1.2 billion USD) with some of the proceeds being donated to charitable organisations that were hurt by Ye’s antisemitic comments from last year.

However, you could say there’s a slight catch as due to an existing agreement from their previous contract, Adidas are obligated to pay Ye 15% of the royalties for every transaction. 

These plans were only announced last week and it seems Adidas are already gearing up to begin the process as on Tuesday (May 16), product pages of Yeezy trainers were uploaded onto the Adidas UK website.

Adidas showed product imagery for two Yeezy trainers – the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 “Zebra” and the Yeezy 500 “Utility Black” (both seen above).

The product pages have since disappeared from the Adidas site and any official release details is yet to announced, but it will be interesting to see how fans and former fans will respond to the upcoming Yeezy drop.

In its heyday, Yeezy drops would almost always mean it would be a sell out event. A lot has happened since then and it would be reasonable to feel unsure about wanting to add weight to Ye’s pockets, even though some of the proceeds will be donated to charity – how much exactly is still a mystery. 

As for Ye, the rapper’s been seen recently with his wife Boanca Censori, wearing an all-black outfit of leggings, a jumper, and a pair of sock shoes that may be a part of Yeezy’s new chapter (seen above). 

Ye has already applied for a new trademark for “YZY SOCK SHOES” – described as ‘socks with leather soles’ and is almost definitely what Ye can be seen wearing in the above photo. 

The trademark was applied under Ye’s company Mascot Holdings, Inc. and fans are already speculating this is Ye’s way of saying he wants to come back to the world of fashion.

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