The Adidas & Ye Saga Continues As Investors Look To Sue Over Ye's Behaviour

The Adidas & Ye Saga Continues As Investors Look To Sue Over Ye’s Behaviour

May 2, 2023
Dom Challis

Adidas are still feeling the repercussions of the Kanye West saga that many believed would of been over by now. Reports tell us that the latest developments suggest that the 3-Stripes sports giants are close to being sued by investors.

These investors are reportedly planning to sue, on the grounds that Adidas were aware of Ye’s behavioural issues and could of taken earlier action to reduce its financial loss, but failed.

The new lawsuit specifically states: “Adidas was aware of his behaviour, and failed to warn investors that it was aware of that behaviour, and had considered ending the partnership as a result of it. Adidas failed to take meaningful precautionary measures to limit the financial exposure if the partnership were to end as a result of West’s behaviour.”

The partnership was initially terminated in October 2022, due to Ye’s antisemitic comments, but there are beliefs that tensions between Ye and Adidas were running high for a lot longer.

The recent lawsuit states that senior executives assumed the partnership could be a big risk for everyone involved since 2018, when Ye made his infamous ‘Slavey is a choice’ remarks. The lawsuit also alleges that Ye had previously made antisemitic comments in front of Adidas staff.

Adidas are yet to publicly respond to the claims brought before them, It’s possible they’re still busy deciding the best way to financially dispose of their extensive left over Yeezy inventory

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