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SS24 Adidas Spezial Collection Released At Carnaby Flagship Store

By Hox | April 9, 2024

Recently, one of our trusted friends, P, a serial Adidas & Stone Island collector and enthusiast, and owner of the fashion culture YouTube channel WeAreNotTheSame, headed over to the launch of the Adidas Spezial SS24 collection on Carnaby Street. Now, it’s no secret that the Adidas Spezial line is for the heads, and each successive

It’s Confirmed: Stone Island Prototype Series 8 Releases At Milano Design Week

By Lucy | April 9, 2024

Back in 2019 The Hoxton Trend covered the Stone Island Prototype Series 4 release at Milano Design Week, located at Stone Island’s very own exhibition space located at Stone Island Showroom, Via Savona 54, Milan. The Stone Island Prototype Series 4 utilised a distinctive method called “MANUAL FLOCKING ON NYLON METAL GRID-OVD,” the styles are grounded in