Sustainable Streetwear Site Responsible Acquires Re-Commerce Provider Haru

Sustainable Streetwear Site Responsible Acquires Re-Commerce Provider Haru

March 14, 2023
Dom Challis

Both based in Belfast – the circularity fashion platform that focuses on streetwear, Responsible and fashion re-commerce provider Haru, are combining forces to continue brining circular fashion to a wider audience.

Explained in a statement, Responsible said they acquired Haru to join its cutting-edge re-commerce technologies and circularity solutions to assist the fashion industry and contribute to the growing technology sector in Ireland.

Responsible and Haru’s technologies allow a variety of brands to partake in circular fashion through their sites by accepting garments and footwear items, renewing them, and reselling them – all within one singular platform.

Sites such as Responsible and Haru make it a lot more accessible for fashion brands to participate in the global fashion resale and second-hand apparel market – which is expected to be valued at $218 billion USD by 2026 (according to Statista). 

Responsible explained that uniting both companies’ technology is going to be an “essential step forward in supporting the development of profitable circular trading programmes,” which “will support more widespread adoption throughout the fashion industry.”

The acquisition will allow Responsible to strengthen its brand by using Haru’s pricing algorithms, advanced technology and its wide audience that will enable Responsible to reach a bigger audience and therefore allow circular fashion to expand further.

The chief executive of Haru, Jacques Hill explained: “Since launching Haru in 2018 as a tech -powered re-commerce solution for second-hand fashion retailers, specifically charity shops, we’ve proudly supported over 550 charity shops across the UK and Ireland.

“With the integration of our platforms, we’re excited to unlock even greater value for our customers, retailers, and staff as we build a better future for fashion.”

Known for its clever ‘Buy Back‘ loyalty programme (explained right here), Responsible continues to push for circular fashion and bring it to a bigger audience with its acquisition of Haru and last years $6.6 million USD they secured to expand its reach throughout Europe.

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