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Stone Island Tela Nylon Frost Jacket Review

By | August 22, 2017

The innovative Tela Nylon Frost Parka is the statement piece you need to invest in for AW17 if you love your Stone Island.

Season after season, Stone Island continues to impress with technological fashion. Extensively researching every last detail from the material to garment dyeing to give the jackets practical and contemporary qualities. The Italian brand has done it again for AW17 with a collection of distinctive outerwear that is certain to make heads turn.

Crafted from high quality nylon Tela fabric, the jacket holds a parka style construction. A parka is a desired silhouette for the winter months, and as this jacket is down filled it’s going to lock in heat and provide you with ultimate warmth.

The parka has gone through the unique dyeing process to achieve a frost finish. This detail is even visible on the removable iconic badge; giving it a stunning frosted edge and adding a quirky feel. One thing to point out is that due to the pigment dye, every jacket will look slightly different. If you’re a frequent Stone Island buyer, you’ll know that not every piece has the same colour variation. The jacket advertised might not look like the one you’re going to get. If you’re thinking of buying this jacket, try and contact the retailer so they can establish exactly what colour the jacket will be.

This jacket does have an intentional oversized fit, this is the style of the jacket, but the plus side is you can layer up. A thick jumper or hoodie would fit underneath, although you most likely won’t need it as the jacket will lock in warmth. With a price tag of £995.00, you want the jacket to be as practical and versatile as possible. Other practical features of this jacket are spacious pockets with branded buttons, and a removable wool hood.

Anti-drop technology has been used to make the jacket water resistant. We wouldn’t recommend wearing the jacket in torrential rainfall, but it will protect you against some of the harsh winter conditions. This style is also available in a dust pink if you’d prefer a lighter colour-way.

Check out Hoxton’s full video review on the Stone Island Tela Nylon Down Frost jacket and let us know what you think.