Stone Island Release the Preview to Their A/W Collection
A/W Collection

Stone Island Release the Preview to Their A/W 020 021 Collection

July 14, 2020
Hollie Gwinnett

Stone Island have released a preview of their new Autumn/ Winter 20 – 21 collection. With a new colour palette and plenty of jumpers, jackets and sweatshirts, your winter wardrobe is sure to be complete. Over at The Hoxton Trend we couldn’t recommend Stone Island enough so take a look below to find out more.

The Italian luxury clothing brand is most recognisable for its compass patch that buttons onto the upper sleeve of the left arm. Stone Island has become a cult favourite and when the brand launched back in 1983, the idea was to create a military worker silhouette taking inspiration from work wear. Although today, a lot of their pieces focus on Britpop and football culture, even making appearances in football films such as ‘The Football Factory’ and ‘Green Street Hooligans’. Stone Island is an immensely popular brand as you can’t go out without seeing someone sport a technical jacket, and the label has been regularly seen on rapper Drake who has also helped the brand become known within hip hop culture.

Surprisingly, Stone Island was originally just a diffusion brand of CP Company. Both brands were founded my Massimo Osti who had a fascination for high-tech fabrics. There are similarities between the brands although Stone Island is considered to be more high quality and is the luxury brand out of the two. Now the label is in the hands of Carlo Rivetti who has been running Stone Island since the 90’s. 

Stone Island apparel is built to perform and to have a function. Many of the jackets have a purpose. Over the years we have seen reflective jackets, colour-changing and heat reactive jackets, reversible jackets and more, all of which have a technical performance. Stone Island stands out for its innovation in the world of menswear and the brand has redefined sportswear. Not only known for the apparel’s technical abilities, but Stone Island also specialises in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques ensuring they always have new and stand out colour palettes for each collection.

This Autumn/ Winter collection includes a wide variety of items from their crinkle reps down jackets to sweaters, jumpers, zip hoodies, t-shirts and much more. You can find some classic Stoney pieces through to some more innovative garments. The colour palette is muted which is perfect for autumn time. “The seasonal colour palette reinterprets the classics of the past with rich and sophisticated tones, also including bright shades and “”in-between colours””, expressing Stone Island’s garment dyeing expertise.” Each piece is high quality and dyed to perfection ensuring any piece would be worthy of a new outfit.

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